Can you advise where we can stay for the night nearby?


Travel Lodge, Commerce Way, Melksham - 01225 703424
Long Hope, Melksham - 01225 706737
Bowden Guest House, Melksham - 01225 709443
Kings Arms, Melksham - 01225 707272


Do you serve alcohol?

We do not sell alcohol at Angels, but if you wish to bring along your own alcoholic drinks, we have no problems with that.
You can leave any drinks behind the counter with staff and we will look after it for you, and serve you it as and when you ask for it.

No illegal drugs, period!


This is not negotiable, and we have no tolerance for anyone who breaks this rule.

Mobile use


Unless you are staff or have permission, using a mobile phone, for whatever reason, outside the designated area(s) may mean immediate eviction
from the club premises, and you may not be able to gain entry on further occasions.


Attendees will be expected to be 110% discreet.

How many people attend?


Hard question. We limit the club to around 75 couples. So, don't expect to find lots and lots of people at the club (This is self defeating anyway.
Too many couples = no intimate playing). We chose the premises for this reason. To give our patrons room, and discrete up market facilities.
If you want to be packed in like sardines and / or squeezed into a small bar area, there are other clubs to attend that will accommodate.

hat types of people attend?


All types, all professions. Angels does not discriminate based on looks, body type, age, job type etc. So you will meet all types. As long as
people are clean / tidy and wish to have fun, they are welcome.

What if we meet someone we know?


Relax. The chances of this are slim, but if you do, then remember that you are all there for that same reason, to have fun.

We're very private people. Are you discreet?


Of course. We never disclose any details about you to anyone. Ever. Period.