Membership to Angels is FREE. Two forms of I.D are required on your first visit to the club to complete your membership.

Couples & Single ladies DO NOT NEED to book to attend our parties.


Single guys are required to ring us to book in to attend any of our events.


Single guy booking rules - If you book and simply do not show up, you may not be allowed back.

If you just turn up without booking, you will be turned away.

Dress Code - Guys


Angels does not have a specific dress code, though we do expect all members to dress tidily.


Work boots, trainers, untidy shorts, dirty t-shirts, jogging bottoms, ripped jeans etc are not acceptable. No stinky old jeans and bad shoes!


Or to be blunt, go home and change first! Hmmm.... Shower / Shave etc. Good idea?

A shirt with a collar is a must. Not much to ask for really?

We figure, if a person makes little or no effort and has no respect for their own appearance, they will probably have little or no respect for others and the club.

We reserve the right to not admit someone who is looking manky – but don't get your knickers in a bunch, just think tidy presentation and you should be fine


Dress Code - Ladies


Dress as you feel comfortable, whether that is sexy and daring or as you would for a night out.